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Ucreated has played an important role in rapid prototype and mass production, based in Shenzhen China. Found in 2013, our 65,000 square feet facilities provide a state of the art workplace with over 110 employees, included 3 independent factories of CNC Machining Centre, Sheet Metal and Injection Molding. Ucreated is certified and compliant with ISO9001:2015. The ISO standard specify the management requirements for quality.
Ucreated is focused on bringing clients a connected global structure that combines the intimacy and focus of a smaller, regionally-based studio with the horsepower and cross-cultural thought leadership. Ucreated Prototype shop is among China’s most experienced prototype manufacturers, including CNC Machining service, Rapid Prototyping,Rapid Tooling and Sheet Metal.
Ucreated as one of the leading rapid prototyping companies in China, we want to offer the best solutions that benefit customers at all stages of their product development. We are a customer focused prototype shop and strive to meet all quoted lead times, deliver superior service and high quality and maintain a competitive edge through innovative service offering and our highly skilled workforce. At Ucreated, we say what we do and do what we say.
Whether it be our company’s engineering staff, our prototype machine shop professionals, our sales staff or our shipping personnel, the people of Ucreated earn the trust and confidence of every customer at a time.
Our Goal is to continue supplying affordable quality prototypes, which contain the functionality of production intent. Our business model is based upon providing cost effective solution to our customers, which allows prototype makers to deliver technically superior solutions at lower cost. Our key feature is fast and efficient response to your projects.
Our Mission
Bring Your Ideas Come To Life!
Delivery The Beauty of Design!
Tony L
Project Director
Mr. Tony Lin is the Director of Sales and Marketing at Ucreated. Tony studied Internation Business at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies. He has worked for many multinational companies including Ledman, LianTronics company before joining Ucreated.
Tony spent 10 years as a B2B marketer in China, crafting and executing long-term online and offline strategies to help companies raise awareness and drive engagement. Tony’s strengths are social media marketing, website optimization, sales and content strategy.

He will use these skills to help Ucreated achieve its goals. In his spare time Tony likes football, badminton and traveling.

Melody Liu
Project Manager
Melody has more than 5 years experience in the prototype/manufacturing industry. She brings her experience and passion of product design and manufacturing to her customers no matter what stage in the product development cycle they are in or how challenging the project. Just feel free to set up a meeting or brainstorm projects with Melody at
Candy L
Project Engineer

Candy is a self-taught designer and programmer with experience in CAD and 3D. It’s this same personal motivation for taking on new challenges that she will bring to Ucreated’s clients.

Candy’s focus will be in establishing long term relationships by working hand-in-hand with you from the outset and throughout the product development cycle.

A passion for adventure and travel makes Candy a great partner to work with.

Kelly L
Project Engineer

Sandy has experience in product development, marketing, sales, and manufacturing technology including 3D printing, CNC machining, sheet metal, pressure die-casting, vacuum casting, and plastic injection moulding.

One of her passions is travel, which eventually led her to relocate to Australia 2 years ago. She also likes to watch comedy shows with her cats and taking dance classes.