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Die Casting

Metal liquid under high pressure is pressed at high speed into the cavity of a precise metallic mold, in which the metal liquid under pressure is cooled down and solidifies into the casting.

Processing flow:


Processing advantages

1. High precision in size and geometry.

2. Good product quality, stable size and good interchangeability.

3. High productivity and more life cycles of die.

4. Suitable for batch production, good economic benefit.

Processing disadvantages

1. The castings tend to have fine air pores and shrinkage porosity.

2. Die casting is characterized with low plasticity and not applicable to working conditions subject to impact load and shock.

3. In die casting of high melting point alloy, the die has a shorter service life, which restrains the expansion of die-casting production.

Application Die casting was initially used for the automobile and instrument industries and then spread to other sectors, such as agricultural machinery, machine tool, electronics, national defense, computer, medical devices, watches and bells, camera and daily hardware.