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Low Pressure Casting

It is a method of producing casting via crystallization under pressure after liquid metal is filled inthe die mold under a relative low pressure (0.020.06MPa).

Processing flow:


Technical features

1. Pressure and speed are adjustable during casting. Hence it is applicable to a variety of casting molds, such as metal mold and sand mold and can be used to cast various alloys and to produce castings in different sizes.

2. With bottom filling method, metal liquid is filled smoothly without splashing, which avoids penetration of air and flushing to the walls and cores, thus improving the conformity of castings.

3. The casting crystallizes under pressure. It is densely structured with clear profile, smooth surface and high mechanical property. This is especially beneficial for thin-wall castings.

4. By omitting the feeding head, the utilization of metal has been raised to 90-98%.

5. Low labor strength, better labor conditions, simple equipment and that it is easy to achieve mechanisation and automation.

Application It is mainly focused on traditional products (cylinder head, hub and cylinder rack).